Dave Smith

Dave is Abley’s technical leader in resource management, transport strategy, business case development and transportation modelling. Dave is supported by the wider team of transportation planners, engineers and modellers at Abley who are focused on delivering advice to clients that supports positive and sustainable transport outcomes.

About Dave

Dave graduated with Honours and Masters degrees in applied mathematics, demonstrating his strong analytical background.  Dave gathered experience in strategic planning roles within the manufacturing and retail sector, then shifted the focus of his career to transportation planning in 2000.

He spent 12 years working in a New Zealand-based consultancy focused on the delivery of transportation modelling projects for clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia. Dave joined the team at Abley in 2012 and has built a strong team of expertise to support his specialist areas of transportation planning and modelling.

Dave has skills and experience in resource management as an expert witness, and has recently completed the ‘Making Good Decisions’ course to be accredited as an Independent Commissioner. Dave also specialises in project management and has been responsible for managing and leading more than 20 research projects for Waka Kotahi, Austroads. Local Authorities and Trips Database Bureau in recent years.

The focus of much of Dave’s work is on undertaking technical analysis and reporting wherein his work is invariably completed to a high standard to meet rigorous peer review requirements.   He loves the challenge of solving difficult problems. Whilst in many cases this involves challenging analytical work, Dave recognises that often the best way to problem solve and move forwards is to engage and have an honest conversation.