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Community & Place

We deliver active modes design, sustainable transport and community engagement.

Digital & Spatial Technology

We create efficiencies with our spatial, software development, and digital engineering solutions.

Road Safety

We support positive safety outcomes from the street to the transport network.

Strategy & Planning

Delivering business cases, traffic modelling, economic assessments, and public transport innovation.

Transport Design & Engineering 

We deliver designs through collaboration with practitioners to shape transport solutions.

Land Development

We apply our transport expertise to support clients through the land development process.


Measure your employee’s commuting emissions.


A data-driven approach for road safety practitioners to identify risks.


Quickly and easily get detailed traffic and mobility data.

Partner Products

We partner with TomTom and HERE to provide transport and traffic data solutions.

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Read our insightful blogs providing the latest information and trends.

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The work we do helps inspire positive change.


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Applying our research expertise to provide practical based solutions.


We deliver a range of webinars covering industry trends.

Our Team

Our team of skilled professionals provide insightful solutions and empowering advice.

Our Story

Since 2003, we’ve been providing transport solutions in New Zealand and internationally. 

Our Commitment

We’re connected and committed to our people, the community and the environment. 

Our Partners

We work closely with our partners to make a meaningful impact.

Our Awards

We showcase our awards to celebrate our people and clients.

More Products

We provide a range of off-the-shelf products to help customers address challenges and inform decision-making.
Rally Mapper Application

Our products leverage our consultancy expertise

We build products which provide our customers with out-of-the-box solutions to their transport and spatial problems. We work closely with our services team to understand the challenges their clients, community, and stakeholders face and design the best way to solve these problems at scale. Our customers include high-profile organisations across a range of different sectors.

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Model Inventory Roadway Elements (MIRE) was developed by the Federal Highway Administration to help agencies identify safety problems and how best to treat them.  

AbleyMIRE enables States to access a collection of MIRE elements for their jurisdiction. 

Enhanced Feature Capture

Identifying subsurface utility assets before construction projects helps avoid accidental strikes which may cause harm to workers on site or damage and disrupt essential services. 

Abley’s Enhanced Feature Capture tool helps infrastructure surveyors produce digital outputs to inform decision making and record information on utilities. 

Event Mapper

Event Mapper shows spectators at events the best places to watch the action safely. They get all the info they need to enjoy the event via their phone. It is suitable for any geographically dispersed event, such as car rally, running, cycling, or multisport races.

Carbon Calculator

Climate change is a pressing topic across multiple sectors. Transport is a major contributor to carbon emissions in New Zealand. Our carbon calculator helps customers address sustainability challenges by forecasting and measuring transport carbon emissions


Providing drivers early warnings about impending hazards like unexpected curves, dangerous road segments, or high-risk intersections, has the potential to reduce road trauma for drivers, passengers, and others on the road. SafeDriver, a mobile app, notifies drivers about upcoming risks and their severity. 


Our routing tools help users plan safer journeys across a range of different modes including cycling and driving. The tools consider different alternatives for the same trip: the fastest route, the quietest route, which prefers safer off-road facilities and avoids busy roads, and a balanced route which trades off between the two.

“If you’re planning a digital project, I recommend you give Abley a go and listen to what they might be able to bring to your particular project. In our case, they brought more than some of the other consultancies could offer. Hats off to Abley for putting their hand up for the project, it’s definitely been a big success”

Suhail SequeiraSales and Business Development Manager, Ports of Auckland

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CarbonWise enables organisations to measure and report on employee commuting emissions and plan initiatives to support their team to make sustainable choices.


Abley SafeSystem offers a range of products aiding road safety experts in managing various risks on state highways. Aligned with the Safe System Approach, these tools aim to minimise fatalities and injuries.


Abley TrafficFlow offers cutting-edge solutions for traffic and transport professionals, including vehicle speed and journey data tools. Our innovative products provide rich historical data for efficient analysis, minimising on-site data collection risks.

Case Study:

"Rally Mapper" developed for spectators at World Rally event


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Who we are 

Abley is a specialist New Zealand owned transport planning, road safety and geospatial technology company. Founded in 2003, we work with organisations in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, U.S., and Canada across central, local government and large organisations.  

We develop transport strategies and infrastructure solutions that support safer travel, improved accessibility, and greater mobility for our clients and in turn, their customers.   

The products and services that we design leverage our expertise in transport planning, engineering, road safety, location data and geospatial systems. 

We are passionate about inspiring positive change.