Vishwanath Krishnaswamy

Associate Director, Transportation Engineering
MEngSt (Transportation), BE Civil, EMEngNZ

Vish is a key member of Abley’s Safety Delivery team. He helps make our roads safer with his road safety and project management expertise.

Vish offers programme management, client liaison, design management, construction management, MSQA and project management skills. He has a broad range of skills and experience on network maintenance contracts with varied models (Hybrid, Traditional and Alliance). His experience is ideally suited for leadership roles delivering great outcomes for our client and the business. He has led a variety of multi-disciplinary projects which are safety, optimisation and resilience related from applying for funding, managing detailed designs and construction supervision. His expertise in the transport disciplines and his ability to work with customers will provide certainty to the client in delivering the objectives.

About Vish

Vish did his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering in Bangalore, India, followed by a Master’s in Engineering Studies (Transportation) from the University of Auckland.

Vish began his career in India before moving to New Zealand in 2003. In New Zealand, after completing his Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering, he worked for several large engineering consultancies including Beca, MWH New Zealand Ltd (now Stantec) and GHD. Vish was the special projects team leader at Auckland Motorway Alliance for Waka Kotahi which consisted of a team of project managers, designers, draughtsmen and physical works managers. The projects he worked on were mainly related to safety, optimisation efficiency and resilience, and Vish had key KPIs to comply with. The team was seen as a specialist, one-stop shop for delivering projects through which the department saw significant growth in workload and revenue.

Vish’s ability to work with customers and fellow colleagues earned him a leadership position within the team as well as providing certainty to the client in delivering set objectives.

Vish is excited about the opportunity to use technology in providing road safety solutions that are innovative and unique. He enjoys developing solutions that can empower clients to make smarter decisions in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

How they can help

Contact Vish for all your road safety needs including any design work.