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Shendi Mani

Transportation Engineer

Shendi Mani is a Transportation Engineer with experience in development planning and safe systems.

Shendi has delivered a wide range of development planning and safe system projects to several clients, both in the private and public sector.  Shendi has also been involved in the active and sustainable transport area by providing CAD support to several minor footpath improvement sites in the Auckland region.

About Shendi

Shendi gained her Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from the University of Auckland in 2018.  During her time at University she specialised in a broad range of topics ranging from water resources modelling to structural design and transport engineering.  She also gained work experience in construction management and was involved in a UOA funded research project related to infrastructure damage in the Bay of Plenty due to storm related causes.  Shendi can provide a range of different ideas and experience to her everyday projects.

Since joining Abley in January 2019 she has gained experience in traffic engineering, road safety analysis, business case development and development planning.  Shendi has moved teams within Abley gaining a broad knowledge of the company.  This has led her to providing solutions to different clients in both public and private sectors.

Shendi loves to delve into data, modelling and CAD design.  She has enjoyed delivering several projects including, transport assessments, speed limit changes, development of the pedestrian crossing prioritisation tool and support in the safe network programme.  Shendi is a global thinker, even though she focuses on the details of her work, and is showing leadership in the transportation community as the conference organiser for the 2021 Engineering New Zealand Transportation Group Conference in Auckland.  Shendi is a great communicator that enjoys translating new ideas into solutions for clients.

How they can help

Contact Shendi if you need help translating your transport problems into solutions. If you want a great outcome in your development, Shendi or the team will help you out.

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