Ashrita Lilori

Senior Transportation Planner
MPlan BSc

Ashrita works in the Land Development team, as a Senior Transportation Planner. She helps Council’s with resource consents that have transport implications and ensures new developments have carefully thought out and compliant transport measures. Ashrita also works with developers, who are seeking resource consent for their proposal. Her familiarity with the consenting process makes her a trusted advisor for developers and Councils alike.

About Ashrita

Ashrita studied a Bachelor of Science in Geography followed by a Master of Planning Practice, both at the University of Auckland.

She began her career at Auckland Council as a graduate in the heritage policy team, before joining Auckland Transport as a Consents Specialist, reviewing resource consent applications, and provided transport advice as the regulatory body and the roading asset owner of proposed developments.

Excited to travel and experience different cultures, Ashrita and her partner, moved to Singapore for four years where she worked as a recruiter for creative industries, followed by a job as an Executive Assistant for New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. This equipped her with business skills that would later help her in her career.

In 2019, Ashrita moved back to Auckland and was approached by Auckland Transport to work as a Development Planner in a similar capacity to her previous role. She worked on large subdivisions in North and West Auckland, provided cohesive transport advice to developers and Auckland Council’s processing planners and engineers.

Ashrita joined Abley at the end of 2021, and was looking for a change and a new challenge.


How they can help

Contact Ashrita if you plan to build and need help navigating the district plan. We can help you design in accordance with the rules and requirements of your district. Or if you are working at Council and are looking for a transport specialist to review applications, we can do that too.

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