Welcome to our Wellington office, Dr Nadine Dodge

Abley are thrilled to announce we are officially open for business in Wellington, and warmly welcome Dr Nadine Dodge to our team.

Nadine joins us from Wellington City Council, where she was involved in writing business cases and providing analytics and economic analysis for a range of transport and urban development projects. She is passionate about economics and analytics to improve decision-making across all aspects of the transport system, from large capital works projects to the optimisation of day-to-day maintenance and operations programmes. Recent project highlights include the Wellington Bus Priority Action Plan, a cost-benefit analysis of options for delivering safer speed limits in Wellington, and an analysis of the city’s resealing programme to improve levels of service while also delivering value for money.

Nadine brings a strong background in primary research and survey design. Nadine has a PhD in Environmental Studies from Victoria University, which examined the inter-relationship between housing and transport preferences and investigated the impact of housing location on carbon emissions from transport. Recent research projects include the development of New Zealand guidance for valuing amenity improvements for pedestrians and an evaluation of the perceptions of bus stop bypasses, from the perspective of both cyclists and pedestrians.

Nadine is driven to deliver the best possible outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand, especially with regards to delivering a transport system that is safe, sustainable, and inclusive.

Contact Nadine:


P: 04 801 5122