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Community & Place

We deliver active modes design, sustainable transport and community engagement.

Digital & Spatial Technology

We create efficiencies with our spatial, software development, and digital engineering solutions.

Road Safety

We support positive safety outcomes from the street to the transport network.

Strategy & Planning

Delivering business cases, traffic modelling, economic assessments, and public transport innovation.

Transport Design & Engineering 

We deliver designs through collaboration with practitioners to shape transport solutions.

Land Development

We apply our transport expertise to support clients through the land development process.


Measure your employee’s commuting emissions.


A data-driven approach for road safety practitioners to identify risks.


Quickly and easily get detailed traffic and mobility data.

Partner Products

We partner with TomTom and HERE to provide transport and traffic data solutions.

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Read our insightful blogs providing the latest information and trends.

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The work we do helps inspire positive change.


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Applying our research expertise to provide practical based solutions.


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Our Team

Our team of skilled professionals provide insightful solutions and empowering advice.

Our Story

Since 2003, we’ve been providing transport solutions in New Zealand and internationally. 

Our Commitment

We’re connected and committed to our people, the community and the environment. 

Our Partners

We work closely with our partners to make a meaningful impact.

Our Awards

We showcase our awards to celebrate our people and clients.

HERE Technology Products

We work with you to optimise and customise HERE products to meet your needs. From comprehensive map data to location services APIs and platform solutions, we sell and support the full range of HERE’s products and solutions.

HERE data app


About HERE Technology Products

Abley is a member of HERE’s global network of partners adding value to HERE’s transport and location data solutions.  

The HERE Platform has 3 product groups to accelerate your business:  

  • Maps & Data – as the foundation for analysis and building high-quality, dynamic maps using accurate, comprehensive data.  

  • Location Services – to create connected journeys for fleets, passengers, and businesses with advanced algorithms. Bringing high-precision location awareness to your apps and devices to improve location accuracy and make journey planning easier.  

  • HERE Platform Tools and applications – combine your data with HERE’s using Tools to build custom routing networks, use the HERE Workspace to build and scale location-based products, and build advanced location intelligence and customised maps into your mobile apps with the HERE SDK.   


Explore HERE products

HERE Map Data

Employ HERE Maps and imagery layers to enrich location-based and mapping applications with visual context. Utilise administrative boundary data to support in-depth planning, effective data aggregation, and strategic analysis, ensuring comprehensive insight and decision-making capabilities. 

HERE Location Services

HERE Location Services streamline access to high-quality location data for organisations. These location services power diverse applications, from vital enterprise functions to basic tasks like geocoding and route finding, facilitating operational efficiency and informed decision-making. 

HERE Platform Tools

Empower your applications and business operations with robust location capabilities using HERE Platform development tools, data, and content. Unlock the potential for enhanced location-related functionalities to drive efficiency and innovation across your organisation.


HERE Map Data

Core Map Data
Create your own maps using the most comprehensive and detailed location data available, featuring accurate representations of road networks, pathways, buildings, structures, places, and land use across 200+ countries. 
Road Infrastructure & Usage
Give your analysts deeper insights by providing them data on road elevation, roughness and curves, road signs, signals and warnings, speed and weight restrictions. 
Utility & Network Infrastructure
Reduce the need for field validation of cellular coverage on road networks through the utilisation of precise cellular and 3D data. This facilitates virtual site selection, analysis, visualisation, planning, and digital twin virtual modelling for network planners and analysts.
HERE Traffic
HERE Traffic Analytics Data offers daily historical traffic speed observations on roads across the HERE map. This empowers transport and road infrastructure planners to make informed and efficient decisions, enabling them to measure the impact of network changes and mitigate congestion. 


HERE Location Services for Developers

Map Rendering

Access accurate, comprehensive, and interactive maps for your applications, with traditional and customised styles. Utilise raster, maps, and vector tiling APIs for seamless integration and diverse visualisation options. 


Develop precise, safe, and efficient routing solutions. Select from various transport modes, optimise with over 100 parameters, generate optimal delivery sequences, and receive real-time estimated time of arrivals using advanced routing algorithms and live traffic data. 

Geocoding and search

Enhance user experiences by incorporating location identification and local search into your solutions. Obtain geocoordinates for addresses, places, and administrative areas, reverse geocode coordinates, search for nearby places, and offer autosuggestions for optimal user engagement.

Dynamic Map Content

Elevate travel experiences with real-time data. Ensure drivers arrive safely and punctually by integrating dynamic content APIs into your apps. Select from a range of APIs providing real-time traffic, fuel prices, weather, EV charging locations, and safety cameras. 

HERE Positioning

Utilise HERE's hybrid positioning technology to precisely locate devices, assets, or vehicles. Even in GPS-challenged environments, achieve accurate location fixes leveraging HERE's extensive database of cell IDs, and Wi-Fi access points.

Public Transit

Leverage Public Transit APIs to access transport provider data and HERE's extensive information for comprehensive public transit options, route requests, and commuter-centric data, ensuring seamless door-to-door travel experiences. 


Empower your applications and business with HERE's development tools, data, and content for apps. Elevate in-app navigation and routing, access up-to-date global map data offline, and create spatially aware apps tailored to your location requirements.

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View our range of data products
We offer a comprehensive range of specialist transport, traffic, and geospatial data products from our technology partners HERE Technologies and TomTom, and our own TrafficFlow suite of products. 

Learn more about TrafficFlow ›

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Who we are 

Abley is a specialist New Zealand owned transport planning, road safety and geospatial technology company. Founded in 2003, we work with organisations in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, U.S., and Canada across central, local government and large organisations.  

We develop transport strategies and infrastructure solutions that support safer travel, improved accessibility, and greater mobility for our clients and in turn, their customers.   

The products and services that we design leverage our expertise in transport planning, engineering, road safety, location data and geospatial systems. 

We are passionate about inspiring positive change.