Transport + Location Intelligence

Everything we do is to bring clarity

From saving lives on our roads to unleashing the power of data, we empower people to make better decisions for our communities and future generations. 

We offer insightful solutions and empowering advice to governments, local councils, land developers, businesses and other organisations. 

Together we can solve your transport challenges, unlock insights in your data, and use technology to empower smarter decisions. 

Who we work with

Abley have a strong technical base in transportation and geospatial intelligence. They have a strategic perspective because they have a genuine interest in the New Zealand transport infrastructure and they’re technically very competent.”

Rosie Mercer, General Manager of Sustainability, Ports of Auckland

Featured case study

Measuring supply chain carbon emissions and providing GIS support for Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland have a strong focus on measuring and reducing carbon emissions. They came up with the concept of a supply chain carbon calculator as an opportunity to add value to their customers by presenting the carbon impacts of their supply chain.

Featured product

Mega Maps

Mega Maps collates several road safety metrics developed specifically for the local government sector. Without this, RCAs would be expected to do this themselves, and in many instances, this would have been undertaken using non-spatial tools such as spreadsheets, rather than applying a spatially enabled approach to assessing road risk.​

A picture of a laptop computer with mega maps open on the screen demonstrating application of spatial analysis and GIS mapping.
Meet our team

Jeanette Ward

Technical Director, Transportation Engineering

My background is in civil engineering and I’ve had many different jobs over the years such as hydraulic modelling, structural engineering, and solid waste management to name just a few. However I was drawn to traffic engineering because of the human element.  Essentially we’re creating an infrastructure that most people use every day and seeking their involvement in its design really appealed to me.