Award wins at the Transportation Group Conference 2021

This year’s conference ‘Decarbonising Transport’ unpacked what sustainability really means for our transport system and the engineering profession as a whole. Weta Workshop Unleashed certainly set the scene for a memorable evening at the conference dinner and awards ceremony. This year Abley took away three awards:

3M Young Professional – Benjamin Walch. Abley have won this award 5 out of 6 times since it was introduced in 2016!  Benjamin is a Senior Transportation Planner and Sustainability Practitioner at Abley. He provides analysis for transport strategies, international literature reviews, and research pieces, with a focus on walking, cycling, and micro-mobility (e.g. e-scooters). He has also successfully helped clients obtain government funding through his business case writing skills. His passion for the environment has seen him develop expertise in measuring and forecasting transportation carbon emissions. The 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award is based on the Safe System approach, which aims for a more forgiving road system that takes human fallibility and vulnerability into account. This award represents innovative thinking under one of the four pillars of the Safe System approach: Safe roads and roadsides; Safe speeds; Safe road use; Safe vehicles.

Best Young Author – Benjamin Walch, awarded best young author for a paper with the cliffhanger title “Should Councils measure road network CO2?” The answer is YES THEY SHOULD, and urgently as most NZ Councils are currently developing policies without a science-based path to decarbonising their transport. 

Best Contributor to Roundabout Magazine – Jeanette Ward, for her article “Making Raised Intersections Work for Walking” .