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Enhance decision making, eliminate uncertainty and deliver information that stakeholders can trust with specialist transport engineering and location data solutions from Abley, TomTom and HERE.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist transport, traffic, and geospatial data products from our technology partners HERE Technologies and TomTom and our own TrafficFlow suite of products. 

Our experienced team can provide advice on the right data solution to meet your requirements. We can customise and enhance these data products to ensure you achieve greater insight from your data and ensure a strong return on your investment. 

Abley TrafficFlow

Abley TrafficFlow is a suite of specialist transport and traffic data products designed to provide the data that Transport planners and engineers need to undertake their projects.  

By combining our extensive experience and knowledge in transport planning, modelling and engineering with the power of TomTom’s vast historical traffic analytics database we’ve built data products to cover the most common use-cases.  

Each of the TrafficFlow products come in three tiers to meet the scale of your project. The products are delivered in a fraction of the time of traditional surveys and remove the risk of having your staff collecting data on site.  

Common use-cases that TrafficFlow products can support include: 

  • Understanding the long-term or seasonal variation in travel speeds 
  • Quantifying the impact of public holidays on travel times 
  • Providing comprehensive travel time samples for transport models 
  • Determining the preferred routes to and from a destination such as a school or supermarket 
  • Understanding the relative travel demand within an area 


TrafficFlow -Data Products

TomTom is a leading independent location technology specialist, shaping mobility & logistics with highly accurate maps, real-time traffic information and traffic analysis services. 

By combining their extensive experience with leading business and technology partners, TomTom’s solutions power connected vehicles, smart mobility, and autonomous driving. TomTom’s technologies are trusted by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. 

TomTom have a diverse customer portfolio ranging from large enterprises, SMEs, and individual developers. Companies like Uber and Verizon manage their fleets and provide navigation to their professional drivers with TomTom’s location technology.  

TomTom’s core offerings are:  

  • Map data – including standard and extended attribution for road centerlines  
  • traffic analytics solutions – for historical and real-time vehicle speed analysis, origin to destination and intersection movement insights  
  • Developer services – an extensive range of location intelligence API’s covering real-time traffic, routing, EV routing, hazards and live speed restrictions.  
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Abley is a member of HERE’s global network of partners, selling and adding value to HERE’s transport and location data solutions. The HERE Platform is the core of their solutions which is designed turn spatial data into business value.  

The Platform has 3 product groups to accelerate your business: 

  • Maps & Data – as the foundation for building high-quality static, dynamic and automotive grade maps. 
  • Location Services – to create connected journeys for fleets, passengers and businesses with advanced algorithms. Bringing high-precision location awareness to your apps and devices to improve location accuracy and make journey planning easier. 
  • HERE Tools – combine your data with HERE’s using Tools to build custom routing networks, use the HERE Workspace to build and scale location-based products and build advanced location intelligence and customised maps into your mobile apps with the HERE SDK.  


Our experienced digital engineering, spatial and transport teams can advise on the right HERE solution to meet your requirements and assist with the set-up, integration and deployment of your HERE powered solution.  

lidar data HERE

LiDAR Data by HERE

Accurate, affordable LiDAR data for New Zealand roads, towns + cities, captured by HERE’s fleet of LiDAR vehicles. With fresh data covering 95% of New Zealand’s most important roads and almost all towns and cities we can deliver precision LiDAR data for your project, fast and at a great price.


SafeCurves adopts a systemic approach to road safety. It is a proactive, data-driven approach for road safety practitioners to identify high-risk curves across an entire State highway network. It helps prioritize safety measures, leading to fewer roadway departures and a reduction in deaths and serious injuries.  

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