LiDAR Data by HERE

Accurate, affordable LiDAR Data for New Zealand roads, towns and cities for all your 3D data needs

Order detailed data captured by HERE’s fleet of LiDAR vehicles. With fresh data covering 95% of New Zealand’s most important roads and almost all towns and cities we can deliver precision LiDAR Data for your project, fast and at a great price.

What can you use LiDAR Data for?

Roading engineers

Keep your crew safe, reduce travel, and save money on traffic management plans, with near survey-grade data that removes the need to do site visits or close roads for surveys.

Digital engineers

Detailed BIM compatible data at your fingertips to help you select and assess sites, extract key features, prepare plans and designs, and build simulations and 3D models for engagement.

Lines companies & utilities

Manage and maintain assets remotely and more efficiently. Conduct accurate surveys, rate lines, maintain inventories, classify features, and monitor vegetation encroachment.

Road safety specialists

Plan improvements to road infrastructure and manage signage locations without putting your crew at risk, with easy access to accurate data for almost all New Zealand roads.

Making LiDAR Data easy

Precision LiDAR Data – Near survey-grade data, updated regularly.

Delivered fast – In your inbox

Affordable price – Far more cost effective than bespoke surveys. 

How the order process works

Getting your hands on accurate, affordable LiDAR Data has never been easier.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Contact us to check if we have the data you need. 95% of New Zealand’s most important roads are covered and most towns and cities, so we probably do.
  2. Provide us with exact details of the area you need data for. You can give us a description or a map file, whatever works for you.
  3. We’ll send you an estimate for your data and check what applications you’re using, to make sure we supply the data in the best format for you.
  4. We deliver the data. Usually this happens within five working days. Very large orders may take a little more time to transfer the files.

How organisations use LiDAR Data to solve real world problems

LiDAR Data saves lives

Abley Road Safety experts used HERE LiDAR Data to build our SafeView road safety tool. More than half of all fatal and serious crashes on high-speed roads occur on curves. LiDAR Data is helping roading engineers save lives.



Highly likely! HERE has been driving NZ roads since 2015 and aim to drive the majority of NZ higher road class on an annual basis. As a result, we now have precision LiDAR Data for 95% of New Zealand higher road class roads, such as State Highways, and most towns and cities. Get in touch using the form below, and we’ll let you know if we can supply data for the area you need.

HERE update their data regularly. State highways are scanned annually, and other roads and urban areas are also scanned regularly to ensure fresh data’s available.

It’s pretty accurate. The accuracy of HERE True GPS data against surveyed ground control points has been independently verified by SBAS. Contact us using the form below if you’d like more details of that research.

It depends on how accurate you need the data to be and the amount of change that has occurred in the area you’re interested in. If there has been significant change or development in that area, then commissioning surveyors to do a bespoke LiDAR survey for you may be a better solution to your needs.

There is no standard width of coverage for HERE LiDAR . The data is captured by vehicles driving along the road, so their ability to scan depends on whether there are hills, buildings, dense vegetation, or other barriers by the side of the road.

If the LiDAR isn’t constrained by topography or features beside the road, then you may get data for some distance on each side of the road.

Not at the moment. We hope this be something HERE offer in the future.

Find out more

Ordering LiDAR Data starts with contacting us to check if we have the data you need. Then we’ll ask you to confirm exact details of the area you need data for and send you an estimate. Please complete the form below:

Jacob Pescini
HERE Data Specialist