Save time and money maintaining your network. From managing trees encroaching on power lines, to mapping underground utilities faster and more accurately, our location + data technology helps you maintain your assets more efficiently.

vegetation encroachment powerlines utilities

Manage vegetation encroachment on powerlines

Trees and bushes are a constant threat to secure electricity supply. We use our geospatial expertise to identify risks to your network from vegetation encroachment and treefall. 

Our digital solutions help you identify, prioritise and remove threats before they disrupt your supply. This saves you time and money. Talk to us about your vegetation management challenges.


Map underground utilities more efficiently

Find and map underground pipes and cables, more accurately and efficiently. We can automate the potholing reporting system for you end-to-end. This saves you time and costs. 

Our systems also improve accuracy, by reducing potential for manual errors to occur. Greater confidence on the location of underground utilities improves road crews’ safety and avoids disruption to essential services.

Case study

Data automation for repetitive potholing tasks creates efficiencies

How rethinking potholing for Fulton Hogan saves time and money, prevents disruption and makes their team safer.

Fulton Hogan specialise, among other things, in building and maintaining roads and transport infrastructure. Abley manages and maintains their GIS technology and supports their Engineering Solutions team with both geospatial system support and digital engineering services.