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HERE’s location platform is where rich location data, intelligent products and powerful tools come together to drive your business forward.

Our experienced team can install, optimise, configure and customise HERE products to meet your needs. As a member of HERE Technologies global network of partners, we sell and support the the full range of HERE’s location data products and solutions.

LiDAR Data by HERE

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Accurate, affordable LiDAR data for New Zealand roads, towns + cities

Order detailed data captured by HERE’s fleet of LiDAR vehicles. With fresh data covering 95% of New Zealand’s most important roads and almost all towns and cities we can deliver precision LiDAR data for your project, fast and at a great price.


Map data suite

Build your own interactive map with the most complete and detailed location data available.

Up to date 2D geospatial representation of road networks, pathways, buildings, structures, places, land use and cover across 200 countries.

Broken down car, standing on breakdown lane.

Road infrastructure & usage

Give your delivery drivers safer more efficient routes by alerting them to safety hazards.

Up to date info on road elevation, roughness and curves, road signs, signals and warnings, speed and weight restrictions and accident hotspots.

Tower with satellite dishes

Utility & network infrastructure

Accelerate your 5G network buildout

Arm network planners with high-precision 3D data that replicates reality and enables virtual site selection and analysis, simulation, visualization, planning and digital twin virtual modelling.

Realtime traffic

Dynamic road traffic map data ideal for traffic management and delivery apps.

Arrive on time with up-to-the-minute info about traffic conditions and delays, accidents, road closures, speed and congestion levels and traffic safety warnings.

HERE Location Services

Map rendering

Access accurate, comprehensive and highly interactive maps, in a variety of traditional and specialized views, for over 200 countries and territories, through map imaging, map tiling and vector tiling technologies. The HERE Map receives over 900 mapping attributes.


Plan the best route for single or multi-modal journeys; by car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, or on foot while leveraging over 57 million kilometers of roadways continuously updated, as well as a diversified library of pedestrian pathways.. Help users reach their destination safely and efficiently, know the ETA based on actual traffic congestion and incidents and customize routes to suit varying business or user needs.

Geocoding + search

Leverage a comprehensive portfolio of functionalities from translating lat long coordinates into human-readable address and vice-versa, to intelligently searching for POIs in over 400 categories, while retrieving meaningful location context like administrative and postal code boundary shapes, point addressing and more.


Understand entire road networks and make data-driven decisions around infrastructure planning, road network management, and land use with real-time and historical traffic data.

Fleet telematics

Advanced post and pre-trip route planning and analysis functionalities designed to solve some of the most complex location problems today. Gain visibility into truck speed limits, plan driver rest times, consider vehicle’s fuel and energy consumption, build cost optimised routes and more.


Reliable travel information makes commuting safe and on-time. Offer commuters a complete door-to-door experience – with everything from walking directions to stations and parking facilities, to information on stops and transfer points along a route, while leveraging one or multiple transportation modes combined in the most effective way.


Integrate location services into Android and iOS native applications to access rich location features like car and truck navigation, map customization, two-wheeler routing, warner engine, toll cost calculation and more. Benefit from a unique Hybrid Engine to provide users with a true offline mode for mapping, geocoding and search, routing, transit and navigation

HERE Transport Logistics

Last Mile

HERE Last Mile is an end-to-end SaaS application for optimizing the planning, dispatching, and completion of deliveries so urban fleet operators can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Manage and optimize your delivery ecosystem by allocating thousands of jobs suited to the capacity of your fleet. Get drivers to the destination safely and efficiently with turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to alter routing in the face of disruption.

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