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One of the most powerful things an organisation can do to slow climate change is to reduce commuting emissions. 

CarbonWise easily measures and reports commuter emissions for your organisation.

“Abley are good to work with. They’re very responsive. We intend to keep doing CarbonWise surveys to keep track of our commuting emissions and understand why our team make the choices they do.

Natasha Wong, Senior Analyst in ESG Data, Contact Energy

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Toitū Envirocare, an emissions certification body in NZ, has conducted an independent audit of the CarbonWise methodology and the survey inputs. CarbonWise survey results have been verified as Toitū Carbon Compatible and can be treated as pre-verified data suitable for use in an ISO 14064-1:2018 compliant inventory, including a Toitū carbonreduce or Toitū net carbonzero certified inventory. 

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Why does reducing commuting emissions matter? 

Commuting is a significant contributor to global warming, but most New Zealanders still rely on cars  to travel to work. 

New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions rose 26% between 1990 and 2019. Transport was the biggest contributor to this rise, with emissions from road transport growing 93%, and cars contributing 54% of those emissions. Reducing commuting by car can make a dent in many organisations’ emissions. 

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CarbonWise captures commuting emissions gathers insights into how your employees travel to work. asks your employees custom questions helps you plan initiatives