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We landed on Abley’s CarbonWise tool, which was able to capture the complexity for us, and could be customised to meet all our requirements. It provides an easy tool we can send out to our people to survey commuting behaviour.”

Leanne Hartshorne, Manager of Business Operations, Waka Kotahi

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Why CarbonWise?

  • Toitū carbon compatible*
  • Methodology meets ISO standards
  • Easy to use, automated process
  • User-friendly dashboard to analyse results
  • Ideal for large organisations with multiple locations
  • Employee privacy protected
  • Designed by travel planners for Sustainability professionals
  • Transportation specialist advice available
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* The CarbonWise methodology for producing a Toitū carbon compatible report and its associated GHG emissions has been independently verified by Toitū Envirocare. The data is suitable for use in an ISO 14064 1:2018 compliant inventory, including a Toitū carbonreduce or Toitū carbonzero certified inventory.

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CarbonWise commuting emissions software

One of the most powerful things most organisations can do to slow climate change is reduce commuting emissions.  Easily capture emissions from your employees’ commutes using CarbonWise surveys and dashboard.

Designed and built by Abley’s team of travel planners and software specialists, CarbonWise helps you plan initiatives for your organisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commuting and encourage employees to use more sustainable travel options.

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Why does reducing commuting emissions matter?

Commuting is a significant contributor to global warming, but most New Zealanders still rely on cars to travel to work.

New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions rose 26% between 1990 and 2019. Transport was the biggest contributor to this rise, with emissions from road transport growing 93%, and cars contributing 54% of those emissions. Reducing commuting by car can make a dent in many organisations’ emissions.

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How does CarbonWise work?

CarbonWise makes the whole process of measuring how people get to work and empowering your people to reduce their emissions easy.

  • Set up commuter surveys and analyse results with a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Gather instant insights on how employees travel to work and associated emissions.
  • Give your staff instant feedback on their own emissions, so they become more aware of their impact.
  • Track the impact of changing commuting habits over time.
  • Determine if your facilities can meet your current and future employee commuting needs (eg cycling parking, EV charging).

CarbonWise is ideal for large organisations with teams in multiple locations because it automates the whole survey and data analysis process and allows you to compare travel patterns at different sites.

Demonstration of an employee commuter survey using CarbonWise
Measuring employee commuting emissions using the CarbonWise dashboard
Case study

Measuring employee commuting emissions to meet carbon neutrality goals

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is committed to Aotearoa’s Carbon Neutral Government Programme and reducing their carbon emissions.  After researching various tools, Waka Kotahi chose Abley CarbonWise to measure their employee commuting emissions, a tool which is able to capture complexity and can be customised to meet requirements.

CarbonWise FAQ's

CarbonWise uses the latest Ministry for the Environment carbon emission factors and enables reporting on scope 3 commuting emissions through carbon management software.

No. We’ve created a survey for you. CarbonWise questions are designed to ensure you collect all the data you need to calculate carbon emissions, and to ensure data quality and consistency across multiple surveys. The core survey questions can’t be changed, but you can add more qualitative questions if you want.

Yes, although we recommend you keep your survey as short as possible, as that increases the likelihood employees will complete it.

At least once a year, and ideally every six months. Doing a survey every six months shows trends in commuting behaviour, and also helps account for seasons, as travel patterns differ in summer and winter.

Yes. CarbonWise estimates the number of days employees work from home in a year. You can use that data to calculate working from home emissions.

Individual privacy is protected. CarbonWise gathers minimal personal data, and once a survey has been completed and the data analysed, it deletes all personal data. Only aggregated data is stored long-term so no individual can be identified.

We’re currently adding the capability to calculate emissions of Australian workplaces. Please get in touch to discuss other locations you’d like to measure, as we will keep adding more countries.

The pricing structure is built so CarbonWise is affordable for any organisation size. Please get in touch stating the number of employees in your organisation to get a precise quote.

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