Transportation for schools

Road safety is paramount for any school. The design of the school accesses, carparks and routes to and within schools need to provide a safe environment for our children.

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Schools are complex transport environments

The planning and design of a school site needs to accommodate a multitude of transport activities. There are concentrated short-lived peaks of traffic during drop off and pick up. Children walk and cycle to school and along surrounding roads. And groups of children wait at bus stops and crossings.

You also need to consider access for emergency services, dental units and buses. And of course, staff and caregiver parking, and cycle parking. We can provide specialist advice on all aspects of transport for schools.

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Specialist transport services for schools

Improve transport for existing schools or design safe transport systems for new schools. We work with the Ministry of Education and provide transport solutions for school projects across New Zealand.  

Planning advice for schools includes site selection and site layout reviews. Transport design and advisory services include:

  • Best practice compliance.
  • Safety assessments.
  • Car parking and cycle parking.
  • Pick up/drop off areas
  • Pedestrian crossings 
  • School frontage road design.
  • Signs and line marking plans.

We can also prepare integrated transport assessments to support your designation applications and outline plan of works submissions. And we can help you with travel plans for the school and for individual students.

Contact our transportation for schools experts

North Island

Jo Draper 
Associate, Transportation Planning

South Island

Jeanette Ward 
Technical Director, Transportation Engineering