Central government agencies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States partner with us to make strategic transport plans. Our specialities are road safety and sustainable transport, along with location data services.

Local councils have many factors to consider when you plan transport solutions for your community. We can help you invest your transport funds in positive long-term outcomes that meet your strategic goals.

A car on the motorway representing road safety

Road safety

Understand where you should be investing in road safety intervention. Our road safety network modelling gives government a framework for national decision making. Our Safer Journeys Risk Assessment Tool, Mega Maps, is a key part of the New Zealand Road Safety strategy.

Local councils use our digital tools and advisory services to plan road safety improvements. From speed management plans to infrastructure design guidance, we can help you reduce deaths and serious injuries on your roads.

Queenstown's aerial view representing the transport strategy and planing process

Transport strategy + planning

Governments work with us to plan transport infrastructure investment. We help create transport strategies to achieve better outcomes for communities, now, and in the future.

Local councils work with us to evolve transport infrastructure to support future development. We model the impact of change on your road networks, to help you assess the implications for your infrastructure investment. 

If you’re updating your district plan, we offer expert strategic guidance on your transport provisions. 

dunedin city street

Transport business cases

We tailor the business case process to be fit for purpose for your transport infrastructure investment. We work with investment partners and stakeholders to identify outcomes that achieve the best end result. We also peer review business cases to give you more confidence in other business cases. 

If you’re a local council applying for Waka Kotahi funding for your transport infrastructure project, we can help you develop a robust business case.

Auckland land development project as an example of Abley's land development, planning and consent capabilities

Transport resource consent processing for local councils

Achieve better transport outcomes for your communities from commercial developments. We help local councils consider the transport impact of developments. Engage us to support your land development department to review and process resource consent applications. 

We’ve reviewed more than 400 transport resource consents for Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Selwyn, Mackenzie, and Christchurch Councils. So, you can trust us to make sound decisions that put your community first.

Motorists sharing the road with cyclists in a bike lane as an example of transport engineering and design possibilities

Traffic engineering + design

Use our traffic engineering expertise for large developments and projects. We collaborate with landscape architects, planners, surveyors and civil designers. Our goal is to ensure safe, efficient transport solutions for your community.

Our tactical urbanism team use placemaking to change public spaces through temporary interventions. We also specialise in transport solutions for schools.

Cycling, Bike

Sustainable urban environments

Create more liveable towns and cities by integrating active transport. Walking networks and cycleways improve community wellbeing and reduce carbon emissions. We create sustainable transport solutions that encourage active lifestyles.

Workplace travel health check

Understand how your staff get to work and help mitigate the environmental impact of staff travel. Enhance your reputation and attract quality talent. Talk to us about our suite of apps to track staff travel emissions and encourage sustainable commuting.

A person using mapping on the phone representing the use of location technology

Location technology

Understand your data and make better decisions. We can help you analyse complex data, install spatial technology and develop apps to bring your data to life.

From creating digital tools that help government and local councils improve road safety, to helping New Zealand’s farmers prevent water pollution, we give new perspectives that bring greater clarity.

Case study

Helping Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to save lives on our roads

One of the first large pieces of work we did with the Agency was developing SafetyNET. This project mapped risk across the state highway network using both proactive and reactive risk metrics. This was used by Waka Kotahi to identify locations needing road safety improvements.