Transport strategy + planning

Our transport strategy and planning team support central government and councils to achieve better transport outcomes for your communities, now and for the future.

We bring an integrated strategic approach to understanding the changing transport needs of your community and to identify the best way forward.

Transport strategy

A transport strategy is about taking a step back and taking an integrated long term view of how we want the transport system to work in the future, and then develop a plan to achieve that vision.

We deliver multimodal transport strategies, and strategies dedicated to a specific mode, such as cycling.

Our recent examples include working with Taupo District Council to develop an integrated transport strategy, and with Ashburton District Council  for their Walking and Cycling Strategy.

Parking strategy + parking management plans

Parking is always a contentious issue. On-street parking changes generate a lot of public and political interest and so decisions are often either compromised or deferred. A parking strategy sets the vision and objectives to enable decisions to be made that are aligned to the outcomes that are sought by the Council and the community.

A parking management plan focuses on a specific location and provides detailed recommendations for how parking should be managed guided by the parking strategy.

We apply our best practice knowledge, and have recently worked with Queenstown-Lakes District Council, Taupo District Council, Ashburton District Council and Timaru District Council to develop their parking strategies and plans.

Public transport infrastructure planning + design

Our team do public transport network planning, design of bus infrastructure ranging from single bus stops to bus stations, based on years of experience in formulating design and operational specifications.

We can investigate bus operations and come up with bus priority measures to improve the overall customer experience and save operational costs.

Our goal is to create a customer-focused service and facility with adequate information and safe interaction between the customer and the bus.

Transport modelling

Transportation modelling helps us to understand the impact changes could have on your transport system. Changes in land use, network infrastructure, public transport provision, travel demand management and mode shift can all be modelled and analysed to support planning for growth. Our modelling solutions include strategic modelling, microsimulation, meso modelling, intersection modelling and corridor signal optimisation. Our full suite of software now includes as Aimsun, Sidra, Cube, Paramics Discovery, Tracks and Linsig. 

Examples include the strategic model we manage for the Queenstown Lakes District Council. This model informs a suite of strategic planning, transport planning and business cases. On a smaller scale, a microsimulation of Rolleston, Canterbury estimates the impact of population and commercial growth on their transport network.

Business case development + review

We develop transport business cases that tell a compelling story based on a strong understanding of the problems and supported by robust evidence. 

Our goal is to develop business cases that achieve the outcomes sought by your partners and stakeholders and receive approval and funding from decision makers.

Our team can lead the business case process, author the business case, facilitate workshops, contribute as part of a team, provide economic analysis and peer review services.


Research plays an important role in providing knowledge for informed decision making. It supports the broader strategic objectives of organisations, and helps to understand and meet the needs of the community, industry and the economy.
Our experienced team of transportation research specialists have conducted a wide variety of research for projects in road safety, transportation energy, travel demand, walkability and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).  

We needed trusted advisors for our transport strategy. We also wanted to know how other councils approach similar issues. Abley’s advice helped define our scope of work, and they filled the role of advisor really well. They certainly had our trust from the get go. We found them very professional, knowledgeable and good value for money. They did a great job, we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Aidan Smith, Policy Advisor,
Taupō District Council

Case study

How essential transport data supports transport strategy for Taupō District Council

In 2019, Taupō District Council accepted a proposal from Abley to support them in developing their Transport Strategy. The strategy provides long-term direction for council investment in transport services and infrastructure.

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Dave Smith
Technical Director, Transportation Planning