Abley presenting at Australasian Road Safety Conference 2023

Abley’s road safety team members are looking forward to presenting and re-connecting with clients and industry peers at the Australasian Road Safety Conference being held in Cairns, Australia from 19-21 September 2023.

As Gold sponsors, we look forward to showcasing some of the data-driven road safety insights we’ve recently delivered at our exhibition booth. We will also be sharing these insights throughout the conference at various sessions. Keep an eye out for our team in action at the following events and presentations: 

Pre-conference: Monday 18 September

  • 1.00pm International Outreach Chapter Event – Shane Turner
  • 3.00pm LMIC Workshop: Designing Safer Roads for Powered Two-Wheelers – Shane Turner

Tuesday 19 September

  • 11.45am Alcohol-Related Crash Trends in New Zealand – Dale Harris
  • 4.00pm Safety Performance Indicators – Measuring What We Value – Paul Durdin

Wednesday 20 September

  • 2.00pm Incompatibility of Traditional Economic Appraisal Methods and Safe System Outcomes – Paul Durdin
  • 4.00pm Achieving Safer Road Outcomes for Powered Two Wheelers in Indonesia – Lewis Martin
  • 4.15pm The Road Safety and Multimodal Impacts of On-Street Parking – Jeanette Ward

Thursday 21 September

  • 10.45am Spatial Mapping of Injury Claims Data to Safety Barrier Locations – Rebecca Teal-Ireland with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

For more information about the Australasian Road Safety conference and to view the full programme, click here.

If you’re heading to the conference too, make sure you let our team members know you’re coming, we would love to catch up. In addition to the presenters above, Jay Baththana will be joining us in Cairns. We look forward to seeing you there!

Australasian road safety conference