Abley team enjoy Teppanyaki evening!

It was a cold and windy night in Auckland but that didn’t stop the Abley team from enjoying an evening out enjoying a Teppanyaki dinner together. Teppanyaki refers to a style of cuisine where food is prepared and cooked on a large heated iron plate. A short time ago, western restaurants decided to place the iron plate in front of customers for dramatic effect. This turns the event into a show where the chef cooks the food in front of you. This style of cooking definitely kept everyone entertained and put some heat on our cheeks as we watched the glow of the flames reach high above the stovetop.

As with all Abley events, partners and family are welcome. This event in particular got the attention of the kids in the crowd as the chefs made a train out of onion rings. The highlight of the night was trying to catch food with our mouths as it was thrown into the air. Let’s just say some mouth-eye coordination was needed for that one!

Overall, the Abley crew left with smiles on our faces and the rain outside couldn’t have taken that away!

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