Reender Buikema

Spatial Business Analyst

Reender works in Abley’s Location Solutions team. He has a varied background, having worked on applying spatial technology and techniques in natural resources, defence, geo-statistical and conservation projects across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Reender works closely with Abley’s clients to tease out their requirements to enable his colleagues to deliver tailored, high value spatial solutions.

About Reender

Reender and his team help design and deliver end-to-end spatial data processes, analyses and bespoke apps to serve Abley’s clients. They also install, support and optimise enterprise spatial technology from the likes of ESRI and Safe Software. 

Reender graduated in 2011 from the University of Auckland with a BSc in Geography and Environmental Science, followed by an MSc in Geography. He began his career at FrogTech Geoscience (now Geognostics) in Canberra, Australia, working on spatial data products that were used for oil, gas, groundwater and mineral exploration projects. 

Upon returning to New Zealand, Reender joined the New Zealand public sector, working in analyst, technical and “off the tools” GIS roles at the New Zealand Defence Force and Stats NZ. He also acted as an internal consultant and business analyst for projects relying on using geospatial data and technology to solve a problem. 

Reender also spent several years volunteering for GIS in Conservation (GiC), a New Zealand based non-profit who deliver spatial solutions for grassroots conservation groups around the country.  

As a result, Reender has developed a hybrid skillset where he has both a solid understanding of spatial technology, data, analysis and visualisation, with the attention to detail and soft skills required of a business analyst. Reender joined Abley in mid-2022 to further develop these skillsets by working on projects with real and positive outcomes for Abley’s clients and New Zealand. 

Professionally, Reender is driven by the mantra “everything happens somewhere” and likes to see spatial technology used wherever possible. He has a keen interest in knowing how things work or fit together, and has an “I’ll figure it out” mindset. 

Reender is happiest outside, and when he’s not working you’ll probably find him with a camera in hand, tramping, cycling, fishing or surfing (poorly). 

How they can help

Contact Reender to discuss your next location-based problem or spatial technology powered solution.