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Community & Place

We deliver active modes design, sustainable transport and community engagement.

Digital & Spatial Technology

We create efficiencies with our spatial, software development, and digital engineering solutions.

Road Safety

We support positive safety outcomes from the street to the transport network.

Strategy & Planning

Delivering business cases, traffic modelling, economic assessments, and public transport innovation.

Transport Design & Engineering 

We deliver designs through collaboration with practitioners to shape transport solutions.

Land Development

We apply our transport expertise to support clients through the land development process.


Measure your employee’s commuting emissions.


A data-driven approach for road safety practitioners to identify risks.


Quickly and easily get detailed traffic and mobility data.

Partner Products

We partner with TomTom and HERE to provide transport and traffic data solutions.

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Applying our research expertise to provide practical based solutions.


We deliver a range of webinars covering industry trends.

Our Team

Our team of skilled professionals provide insightful solutions and empowering advice.

Our Story

Since 2003, we’ve been providing transport solutions in New Zealand and internationally. 

Our Commitment

We’re connected and committed to our people, the community and the environment. 

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We work closely with our partners to make a meaningful impact.

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Power poles


We work with organisations from governments to primary industry to solve transport network challenges, unlock insights in data, progress transport resource consents, and use spatial technology smarter.

We work across a range of sectors


We understand that road safety is critical for all schools. That’s why our experts provide specialist advice on design and speed limit reviews to create a safer environment for everyone travelling to and from school.


Central government agencies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States partner with us to make strategic transport plans. Our specialties are road safety, sustainable transport, and location data services.

Ports & Airports

We find solutions for transport and location technology, GIS system installation, and support. Our experts can provide support and advice to track freight movements more accurately and get the most out of your spatial systems.

Primary Industries

We work with organisations to unlock their data and identify problems to improve customer service and reduce environmental impact.


From helping power networks manage trees encroaching on lines, to mapping underground utilities faster, our experts work with clients to ensure they maintain their biggest assets more effectively.

Explore our range of services, from road safety to data-driven solutions.


Children in a classroom

Schools are complex transport environments and the planning and design of school sites need to accommodate a number of different activities.

We work with the Ministry of Education to provide transport solutions for school projects across New Zealand and ensure the youngest members of our communities’ can travel to and from school safely.

Our experts provides specialist advice and prepare safety assessments, roading design, and speed limit reviews to create safer environments for all road users inside and outside of schools.


Local and central Government have many aspects to consider when planning transport solutions. We support government agencies in New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the USA to produce strategic transport plans and help them meet their goals.

Our experts specialise in road safety, location data services, and sustainable transport. We develop risk assessments, business cases, resource consenting, and traffic design to support councils and their aim to meet positive long-term outcomes.

The Beehive, Wellington, New Zealand.
Road safety

We work with transport authorities to develop and deliver road safety strategies, plans, and infrastructure.

Our road safety network modelling provides government with a framework for national decision making, to provide an understanding on the investment in road safety intervention.

From speed management plans to design guidance, we prioritise road safety solutions to put communities first and work collaboratively to prevent errors from becoming tragedies.

Sustainable urban environments

Our transport system has an important role in reducing carbon emissions whilst also developing a resilient transport network.

We support councils to transform towns and cities into healthier and environmentally friendlier places by prioritising the design of active mode infrastructure to reduce car travel and increase walking, cycling, and public transport use.

Our team of experts can forecast carbon emissions through transport and develop climate mitigation policies to help clients address sustainability challenges and adapt to climate change.

Transport business cases

To develop good business cases, it is important to have a strong understanding of the problem and evidence to support it. Whether it is facilitating workshops or providing an economic analysis, our goal is to provide the best possible outcome.

Our team work with clients to tailor the business case process and ensure it is fit for purpose for their transport infrastructure investment to receive approval and funding from decision makers.

Transport strategy and planning

We support central government agencies and councils to produce transport strategies, infrastructure design, and modelling, to identify the best way forward.

We bring a strategic approach to understanding the changing transport needs of communities to achieve better outcomes.

Transport resource consent processing for local councils

From major developments to one-off consent applications, we work with developers to gain resource consent quickly, and with councils to consider the transport impact of developments.

Our team produce transport assessment reports, design reviews, and safety audits to ensure projects get off to the right start.

Traffic engineering and design

We work with public and private organisations to ensure safe, accessible, and efficient transport solutions for communities.

From site assessments to community engagement, our experts deliver a range of services in traffic design including the design of streetscapes and subdivisions, active modes, and carparking.

Workplace travel health check

Understand how your staff get to work and mitigate the environmental impact of internal travel.

We support clients to track staff travel emissions and encourage sustainable community by developing travel audits, conducting surveys, and creating insight-based reports and recommendations.

Cityscape image of Auckland skyline, New Zealand at sunset.
Ports & Airports
Plane taking off near mountains
Monitor carbon emissions

Our team of experts specialise in developing carbon calculator apps for ports and airports to help clients measure and reduce carbon emissions.

Understand how different freight solutions impact on your carbon emissions and engage with customers to reduce your environmental impact altogether.

Identify opportunities to work more efficiently

From tracking your freight movements with precision, to minimising environmental impact, understanding your location enhances decision-making and enables smarter operations.

Our team of location data experts specialise in assisting organisations in interpreting their data to make informed decisions.

Geospatial systems installation and support

We work with organisations to provide support in product installation, optimisation, and strategic advice.

Our experts can customise location data products, and we work with location technology partners like ArcGIS, Esri, FME, HERE Technologies, and TomTom.

Christchurch Airport
Custom solutions for your data processing needs

We work with clients to develop affordable custom solutions to your data processing and presentation needs, that help customers make smart data-driven decisions.

Our team of developers specialise in transforming complex data into interactive and user-friendly experiences. Whether solutions are needed for web, mobile, or desktop platforms, we can provide support to help move you forward.

Aerial of complex intersection amid cropping farms in Canterbury, South Island
Primary Industries

We help clients interpret data to deliver better customer service and reduce environmental impact. 

We offer location data products and geospatial system installation, customisation, and support to save time and money. 

Utility worker on Ipad
Pot hole
Manage vegetation encroachment on powerlines

Our geospatial experts work with clients to identify risks from vegetation encroachment and treefall.

We proactively identify and eliminate potential threats posed by trees and bushes to electrical supplies, safeguarding services from disruption and saving valuable time and money.

Map underground utilities more efficiently

Find and map pipes and cables accurately and efficiently.

Our systems offer greater confidence on the location of underground utilities which improve the safety of road crews and avoids disruption to essential services.


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