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We deliver active modes design, sustainable transport and community engagement.

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We create efficiencies with our spatial, software development, and digital engineering solutions.

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We support positive safety outcomes from the street to the transport network.

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Delivering business cases, traffic modelling, economic assessments, and public transport innovation.

Transport Design & Engineering 

We deliver designs through collaboration with practitioners to shape transport solutions.

Land Development

We apply our transport expertise to support clients through the land development process.


Measure your employee’s commuting emissions.


A data-driven approach for road safety practitioners to identify risks.


Quickly and easily get detailed traffic and mobility data.

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We partner with TomTom and HERE to provide transport and traffic data solutions.

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Since 2003, we’ve been providing transport solutions in New Zealand and internationally. 

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We’re connected and committed to our people, the community and the environment. 

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Enhanced Feature

Easily pinpoint underground utility assets to prevent accidents and disruptions
with Abley’s Enhanced Featured Capture tool.

What is Enhanced Feature Capture?

Every construction and infrastructure project must identify subsurface utility assets to avoid accidental strikes which may cause harm to workers on site or damage and disrupt essential services such as power, water, and the internet. 

Abley’s Enhanced Feature Capture tool helps infrastructure surveyors produce digital outputs to share with their clients to inform decision making and/or record information on utilities for future use.   


  • Structured survey pick-up schema that aligns with industry standard and ensures excellent data quality.  

  • No software to install 

  • Compatible with multiple infrastructure surveying techniques including, potholing, ground penetration radar and as-built survey.  

  • Produces output file types which can be viewed in a range of platforms. 


  • Speed. Outputs can be processed in minutes rather than hours.  

  • Improved accuracy. EFC uses a set schema which means there is less potential for manual errors.  

  • Consistency. EFC uses dropdown menus which means that there is consistency across all data that is entered.  

  • Reduced likelihood of a utility strike. EFC increases confidence in where underground cables and pipes are located.  


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Who we are 

Abley is a specialist New Zealand owned transport planning, road safety and geospatial technology company. Founded in 2003, we work with organisations in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, U.S., and Canada across central, local government and large organisations.  

We develop transport strategies and infrastructure solutions that support safer travel, improved accessibility, and greater mobility for our clients and in turn, their customers.   

The products and services that we design leverage our expertise in transport planning, engineering, road safety, location data and geospatial systems. 

We are passionate about inspiring positive change.