Frequently Asked Questions

CarbonWise uses the latest Ministry for the Environment carbon emission factors and enables reporting on scope 3 commuting emissions through carbon management software.

No. We’ve created a survey for you. CarbonWise questions are designed to ensure you collect all the data you need to calculate carbon emissions, and to ensure data quality and consistency across multiple surveys. The core survey questions can’t be changed, but you can add more qualitative questions if you want.

Yes, although we recommend you keep your survey as short as possible, as that increases the likelihood employees will complete it.

At least once a year, and ideally every six months. Doing a survey every six months shows trends in commuting behaviour, and also helps account for seasons, as travel patterns differ in summer and winter.

Yes. CarbonWise estimates the number of days employees work from home in a year. You can use that data to calculate working from home emissions.

Individual privacy is protected. CarbonWise gathers minimal personal data, and once a survey has been completed and the data analysed, it deletes all personal data. Only aggregated data is stored long-term so no individual can be identified.

We’re currently adding the capability to calculate emissions of Australian workplaces. Please get in touch to discuss other locations you’d like to measure, as we will keep adding more countries.

The pricing structure is built so CarbonWise is affordable for any organisation size.

Find our pricing plan here.

Please get in touch stating the number of employees in your organisation to get a precise quote.

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