Techweek webinars: Tech, Climate + Transport

New Zealand’s festival of tech and innovation is taking place from 16-22 May 2002. Techweek is a nationwide series of events, showcasing and celebrating New Zealand innovation.

We’ll be there virtually with three sessions during the week and would love to see you there!

Our first session is a webinar hosted by Benjamin Walch, who will demonstrate our recently launched software tool “CarbonWise“. To find out how to easily measure and help to reduce employee emissions, and get a better understanding of how this tool could be used for your organisation’s carbon reduction and sustainability strategies, sign up for this 30 minute webinar.

Date: Wednesday 18 May

Time: 12.30pm


Our second session is a fireside chat hosted by Benjamin Walch, Stacy Rendall and Emma Harris, the team behind the development of Abley’s CarbonWise software tool.

The team will reflect on how they combined their expertise to develop New Zealand’s first digital tool to measure and help reduce carbon emissions generated by commuters.

Combining diverse domain knowledge inhouse while co-designing with end users allowed us to iterate into a product that bridges various disciplines, and develop a useful tool that solves the problem of measuring commuter emissions.

Sign up for this 30 minute webinar to learn about the process we went through and key learnings in the development of this tool.

Date: Thursday 19 May

Time: 12.30pm

Measuring employee commuting emissions using the CarbonWise dashboard

The third session is on TechweekTV, called “Right place at right time? Locationtech’s role in the metaverse”.

Whether it’s the billion-dollar investment in Epic Games, high flying stocks, virtual property booms, or the rollout of Google wayfinding tools – there’s no escaping the hype and promise of the Metaverse. And as tech giants Apple, Microsoft, Google and Meta (Facebook) vie for market share ahead of new meta hardware releases in 2022, a range of technologies are staking their claim ahead of the anticipated gold rush.

Location – is it physical or digital? Watch the debate session as LocationTech New Zealand’s Executive Director Alison Mackie and Deputy Chair Chris Morris explore the role location technology has in the metaverse.

Date: Friday 20 May

Time: 10.40am-11.10am

metaverse location