Helping save lives on the roads in the Asia Pacific

Abley’s Dr Shane Turner was invited by the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO), to talk about our road safety work in Indonesia. The APRSO identified that in a number of Asian countries like Indonesia, there is a high proportion of fatal motorcycle crashes – in fact 75% of the fatalities in Indonesia are motorcyclists.  APRSO has arranged a special two day workshop/dialog to discuss motorcycle safety.  There is currently not enough knowledge about the impact that road infrastructure has on the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Shane is discussing the role road design, including motorcycle facilties, has on motorcycle safety and will highlight the gaps in our knowlege on which road designs work best in in specific situations.   

Shane will also talk about about the crash risk anlaysis tools his team have developed for Indonesia to help identify which roads are high risk for motorcycles and pedestrians. By targeting improvements to high risk routes we can more effectively address the high road safety trauma across Indonesia. 

Shane is presenting in Manila, the Phillipinnes 11 – 13 October at the Asian Development Bank.

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