Getting Esri certified

As the spatial industry continues to grow and diversify, it is becoming increasingly valuable to have your hard-earned GIS skills and experience formally acknowledged with an industry-recognised qualification. For many years Esri has offered numerous certifications to help GIS professionals validate their knowledge and technical skills.

Esri have three types of certification available. There are the standard Desktop certifications which cover the areas of ArcMap, ArcPro and ArcGIS Online. The Enterprise certifications cover the configuration and administration of Esri Suite Applications at an organisation level, and Specialty certifications which cover the development of bespoke solutions using the Esri platform. Each certification type has different skill levels, ranging from entry through to associate and professional – just pick which option is right for you.

So what’s the process to get certified? Once you have a solid foundation in your GIS knowledge, you can go to the Esri website and check the exam topics that are covered in each certification. You can compare these to your existing GIS skillset and identify anywhere there may be gaps in your knowledge. Esri also offers free learning resources, which are available on their website. These include technical concepts, exercises, and quizzes to help you prepare for the exam.

After successfully passing the certification exam, your name will be added to Esri’s Directory of Certified Individuals. This allows others to search for you and verify your certification. Achieving an Esri Certification helps to validate your progress and technical development as a GIS professional. It also gives your clients confidence that you have the skills and knowledge to meet their geospatial needs.

I’m really fortunate to work with a team of highly skilled spatial experts here at Abley, many who have associate and professional certifications across the Desktop, Enterprise and Specialty fields. We’re passionate about what we do and dedicated to providing the best solutions. If you need specialist GIS specialist, get in touch with one of our ESRI certified professionals today.