Abley Safe System presentations at ATSIP Traffic Records Forum (USA)

Paul Durdin and Gavin Jeter are looking forward to attending and presenting at the upcoming ATSIP Traffic Records Forum being held in Nashville, USA from 9-12 July 2023.

Presentation 1: ‘Abley SafeCurvesTM: A Solution to the Roadway Departure Crisis’. 

We are excited to introduce our data-driven road safety product Abley SafeCurvesTM which addresses the main cause of deaths on US highways – roadway departures on curves. Abley SafeCurvesTM is a systemic network evaluation tool that identifies and classifies all horizontal curves on high-speed roads into risk categories.  The proactive risk assessment process is independent of crash data and based entirely on road geometry, terrain and operating speeds. Despite this, Abley SafeCurvesTM has a very strong link between curve risk categories and crash risk, which allows road safety practitioners to target interventions at curves with high-risk attributes, as per the FHWA recommended systemic approach.

Presentation 2: ‘Safety Performance Indicators – measuring what you value not valuing what can be measured’.

Paul and Gavin will introduce Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) and the critical role they play in tracking performance and monitoring progressing towards targets. This presentation is based on the New Zealand Road Safety Strategy: Road to Zero and highlights the importance of having quality data for systemic road safety analysis and reporting. We will focus on the need to measure what you value rather than placing value on what can be easily measured.   

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