Abley presenting at Peak of Data Integration (FME user) conference 2023

Hamish Kingsbury is looking forward to attending and presenting at the Peak of Integration (FME User Conference) 2023. This will be the largest gathering of FME users to date, and is taking place 5-7 September in Bonn, Germany.

Co-hosted by Safe Software and con terra, Hamish will be presenting twice during the 3 day event, taking time out of his European vacation to showcase some examples of what we do with FME in New Zealand.

Hamish’s presentations will be on Thursday 7th September and cover two areas of expertise:

  • Automate your FME Server Installs: A process of automated deployment of FME Flow (formerly Server) which allows for rapid, accurate and repeatable deployments into both simple and complex environments. Allowing the deployment across multiple environments in minutes, including interactions with 3rd party systems and the provision of automated disaster-recovery.
  • Proactive Schema Design and Management: Utilising FME’s capability for working with hundreds of destination formats, Abley has developed schema design and management that is format agnostic, allowing users to define schema, indexes, domains/lookups and aliases without the need to understand specific nomenclature of the destination format. These processes quality assure the schema to ensure consistency, create and apply changes to the destination, while ensuring the schema is documented, accessible and understandable to those beyond the data custodian.
Hamish Kingsbury

Hamish is happy to share further details of these and other solutions we use FME for and deliver to our clients. We also suggest that if you see him at conference, ask what he has been up to on his vacation!

We are excited that Hamish has the opportunity to showcase our work and catch up with other FME experts from around the world at this year’s Safe Software Conference – our experience is that these events are always excellent! We look forward to hearing the stories that come from his experience, and the advancements Safe Software continue to implement in FME.

To find out more about Abley’s FME team and data solutions, click here.

Peak of Data Integration FME user Safe conference 2023