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Todd Davis

Systems + Data, Technical Director

Todd is the Technical Director of Systems and Data, based in Abley’s Location and Technology team. Todd and other members of the Abley team develop systems and data processes that improve efficiency, are robust and maintain high security-standards.

He is involved a wide range of data integrations, and the subsequent display of data, as well as the planning. install, support and auditing of systems, especially with Esri GIS systems and FME Data Integration Software.

Todd is also a FME Server Certified Professional, a FME Desktop Certified Professional and a Esri Enterprise Administrator Certified.

About Todd

Todd started his career in Wellington at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) spatially adjusting the data that went into Landonline, NZ’s Survey and Title system.

He then went onto work for Terralink (now Corelogic) and SKM (now Jacobs), were he worked a wide range of projects, including Australia’s 250K mapping, Survey and Title related work and projects supporting Treaty location, and created the automatic process that creates NZ Topo50 and Topo250 front and back covers.

Following the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake, Todd was called back to support the Emergency Response. Later in 2011 he decided to make the move permanent and was seconded to as the Technical Lead for GIS at the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team. The opportunity allowed Todd to plan the system and processes that the SCIRT GIS would need for the next five years. He also worked with the team to help develop the process that estimated the cost of the SCIRT rebuild at over 2 billion dollars.

The hours were initially long and the pressure significant, but the system developed allowed data to be consumed and exported to over 30 separate organisations in their native formats and displayed internally with limited people resource. The GIS webmap had over 1000 users and exceeding 100,000 views per day. It was held up as a major success internally and externally for SCIRT. The system won an Esri Special Achievement in GIS in 2012, was a runner-up in a ACENZ award in 2013 and Todd won the Inaugural NZSEA Young Professional of the Year in 2014.

Since joining Abley, Todd has been involved in a wide range of projects and with a wide range of clients, both at private and government levels. He loves a challenge or just improving a process, and while you may not know it, every New Zealander has seen his work.

How they can help

Contact Todd if you are wondering if doing something with your data is possible, or if you have a ESRI or FME system that you are trying achieve an outcome. Whether it be an Excel spreadsheet, an Enterprise Database, API’s or anything else, we may be able to help you achieve what you need to.

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