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    Robert Poynter

    Senior Spatial Adviser
    MGIS, BSc

    Robert is a Senior Spatial Adviser within the Location Solutions team.

    His focus is on where data integration and spatial analysis meet. He finds patterns in data and communicates why they are important to your business.

    Robert receives data in many formats, and it is not always organised efficiently. He cleans and organises the data, converts it, and crucially, builds a solution that answers your burning questions, and conveys meaning to your viewers in a format that is easy to use. This process often reveals more information than was initially anticipated, leading to richer insights that benefit your business further.

    About Robert

    Since starting at Abley in mid-2016, Robert has been involved in projects for almost every business delivery group, particularly those requiring his data manipulation and analysis skills. He is skilled in the Esri Software suite, drawing on FME and Autodesk’s Infraworks, to organise and visualise data. He has managed organisations’ GIS ArcGIS Online platforms, built countless web applications, and provided technical training to clients in multiple sectors.

    Before starting at Abley, Robert completed an undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Canterbury, and subsequently won an IBM scholarship to continue with a masters in GIS. He worked during his studies for the GeoHealth Laboratory in Christchurch, researching the spatial relationship between pollutant exposure and lung diseases. He also completed a Project Management course at the University of Auckland.

    Robert enjoys collaborating with clients and demonstrating how geospatial products can give them a strategic advantage in the marketplace. He is excited to see your Excel or PDF data transformed into an interactive application that will engage and inspire.

    How they can help

    Contact Robert if you have some data in a folder somewhere and are unsure of its value. You never know just how many gold nuggets are hiding in the dirt.

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