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    Rebecca Teal-Ireland

    Principal Transportation Data Analyst

    Rebecca is a Principal Transportation Data Analysts in the Safe Systems team at Abley. She uses her experience in project management to understand client requirements and deliver data driven solutions to their transport and road safety requirements.

    About Rebecca

    Rebecca completed a BSc in Environmental Studies and Geography (Hydrology) at Victoria University in Wellington.

    She began her career at the Waikato Regional Council, working in the hydrology and coastal geomorphology team.  Rebecca took flow measurements, mapped and surveyed rainfall and beach profiles, along with water quality field work.  Following a move to Northland, Rebecca worked at the Northland Regional Council undertaking wetland and pest plant surveys and mapping.

    In Northland Rebecca was offered a job at Opus (now WSP) working in the Asset Management team as a data analyst which involved a move to modelling and analysing road asset data instead of water data.  Rebecca was at Opus for 12 years, working her way through RAMM asset management, pavement deterioration modelling, and bringing GIS to the fore of all data related projects.

    More recently at WSP Rebecca worked with local government and community trusts undertaking cycleway feasibility and business case projects.  In 2019 Rebecca became the Team Leader of the Asset Management Data and Systems team in Whangarei, where she continued to grow her skills in data analysis and expand into project management and people leadership.

    Rebecca is a proud mum and has recently begun to get back into Mountain biking.  She is a recreational cycling advocate; with her project management and GIS skills she is actively helping in her community leading a working group to pursue connected recreational cycleways in Northland.

    How they can help

    Rebecca loves listening to clients threshing out their problems and working up solutions to deliver data driven outcomes. Contact Rebecca to talk transport and data projects.

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