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Matthew Noon

Associate Director, Safe System

Matthew leads the Safe System team and has a particular focus on integrating new approaches and data applications into improving outcomes.

Matthew helps public and private sector clients solve problems. While his current focus is on improving safety, Matthew’s experience and areas of interest extend to town centre development, business cases, public transport and digital engineering.

Along with this team, Matthew ensures all elements of safety delivery, ranging from site specific safety audits through to corridor assessments and rural road design incorporate industry leading guidance and expertise with a full understanding of client, and end user, requirements.

About Matthew

Matthew did a Master’s degree in Resource Management, which built upon his undergraduate degree in Resource Studies, both from Lincoln University.

His career commenced at Environment Cantebury, working across all aspects of operational and strategy public transport planning; routing, scheduling, network development, community engagement, performance analysis and monitoring.

Matthew then became a project manager for transport projects at Cross River Partnership (CRP). CRP was an alliance of the central London local authorities with a focus on the development and delivery of multi-partner projects. His work included leading on the Cross River Tram project before moving into walking, cycling and electric vehicle projects. A highlight of this time was Matthew leading European Commission funded transnational research and knowledge sharing projects looking at the adoption and uptake of electric vehicles for both general and freight purposes.

Upon his return to New Zealand, Matthew joined Abley as a transportation consultant before becoming a team leader in areas focused on Digital Engineering and Safety Delivery.

Matthew is passionate about new technology and using it to make lives better through a focus on addressing the end user needs. He was an early adopter of e-bikes and recognises that true transport freedom comes from being able to take a multi-modal approach to meeting transport needs, whether that is by foot, e-scooter, bike, bus or car. This can be demonstrated in his choice of a muscle car when driving American highways, through to trailer bikes when travelling with his family.

How they can help

Speak to Matthew about any of your problems, or opportunities, you wish to address with regarding to transport and mobility, including how data can make your activities more efficient and effective. Please call Matthew for a free consultation.

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