Gavin Jeter

Business Delivery Manager, Principal FME Specialist

Gavin Jeter leads the Digital Engineering team. He brings well over a decade of geospatial experience to the group, primarily focused on platform agnostic solutions.

Gavin leans on his international experience to bring innovative ideas to the table and is keen to “define the workflow” to optimize efficiencies in a project or solution. Having experience with FME, SQL, PostGIS, Cesium, Leaflet, and 12 years of cartographic experience at Garmin, Gavin can often find an avenue that fits any client’s needs.

About Gavin

Having spent most of his life in the Heartland of America, Gavin brings a unique view to the Abley team. Holding an MBA and Geography degree, he can fit into nearly any project team with ease and often challenges the team to think bigger with sustainable outcomes.

Gavin’s career started in Kansas, USA at Garmin, where he worked in the United States with short stints in Taipei, Taiwan. He has also worked in consulting (transmission and distribution and construction/design/build) as well as in the telecommunications industry with a network mapping software company based out of Richmond, Virginia.

How they can help

If you are looking for efficiencies, unique mapping solutions, and/or a data pacesetter, reach out to Gavin to discuss your quandaries.

Posts by Gavin Jeter: