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Dale Harris

Safe Systems Business Delivery Manager, Principal Spatial and Transport Advisor

Dale advises across spatial and transport projects and leads the Abley Safe Systems team.

Dale understands transport problems and how the innovative use of location data and technologies can help resolve these problems. Specialising in road safety risk assessment methodologies, she creates safety insights by combining datasets in new ways, outputting fit-for-purpose data deliverables, visualisations, and web applications.

About Dale

Dale studied Environmental Management at Lincoln University at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This included two GIS papers that first introduced her to the world of geospatial technology.

She began her career as a Policy Planner at the Christchurch City Council in 2007 where she applied her planning and geospatial knowledge on strategic planning projects. This included analysing land development potential and developing land use plans, including the Edgware Village Master Plan. It was her desire to be more ‘hands-on’ in the geospatial side of transport and land use planning that led her to Abley in 2012.

For Dale there is nothing more rewarding than developing a new geospatial methodology for identifying road risk. She measures her success in delivering these new methods by the number of awards lining the office walls!

Out of work mode Dale’s head is full of plans for backcountry adventures. When not out tramping, you’ll find her at home creating maps of future outdoor adventures, including elevation profiles and immersive 3D models of upcoming hikes. Her ultimate goal is to walk Te Araroa – a trail covering the length of New Zealand.

How they can help

Do you have a road safety problem? Are your transport datasets, maps and dashboards failing to give you the insights you need? Not sure where to start? Dale and her team are passionate about preventing road trauma. She would love to talk to you about how we can help you in your road safety efforts.

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