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    Chris Blackmore

    Senior Transportation Planner
    BCom(Hons) BSc

    Chris is a Senior Transportation Planner within Abley’s Strategy and Planning team.

    He is involved in a wide range of transport planning projects with a specific focus on transportation modelling, economics, and data analysis.

    About Chris

    Chris graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2010 after completing postgraduate qualifications in Chemistry and Operations Research.

    After graduating Chris was employed in the public utilities sector in Operations Management and System Analyst roles, enabling him to develop extensive skill and experience in the analysis of complex data systems.

    Chris joined Abley in 2017 after returning from two years working around North America in Operations Management roles. Based in Christchurch, he has been heavily involved in transport planning projects around New Zealand, including strategic and microsimulation modelling for both local authorities and the private sector. He takes pride in undertaking highly complex and innovative technical work while producing quality, nuanced transport advice which maintains a view of the big picture.

    Outside of work Chris can generally be found in the outdoors, continuing to hone his technical skill in his twin passions of skiing and mountain biking. He is motivated by being able to being able to problem solve under pressure and clearly articulate technical processes to safely bring others along for the journey.

    This translates well into transportation planning, where no two problems are the same and each new project requires a clear understanding of technical requirements and strategic direction.

    How they can help

    Contact Chris to discuss how the Strategy and Planning team can help to solve your transport planning issues.

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