Marco Poetsch

Senior Spatial Adviser
MSc, Bsc

Marco is a Senior Spatial Adviser in the Location Solutions team. He can help you understand and leverage your most powerful asset – data.

Marco works closely with clients to create strategic operational advantages and innovate workstreams. With his broad skillset of research and spatial analysis, web and mobile application development and multi-media design, he delivers tailored and targeted geospatial solutions.

About Marco

Marco completed his bachelor’s degree in Geography and his master’s degree in Applied Geoinformatics (GIS) at the University of Salzburg in Austria.

He began his career as a researcher at the Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS) where he joined the Integrated Spatial Indicators research group. He was involved in various national and international projects with a focus on climate change and vulnerability. Marco worked for and collaborated with the United Nations, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics.

In 2015, Marco moved to New Zealand where he joined the Nelson City Council as a GIS Analyst. In this role, he primarily supported the Science & Environment team, the City Development team, and the Natural Hazards team. Using cutting-edge technologies and smart methods, he innovated workstreams, processes, and solutions that saved the organisation time, effort, and cost.

In 2022, Marco joined Abley as Senior Spatial Adviser, a role in which he empowers his clients to make better business decisions by helping them understand and leverage their geospatial data and providing tailored support applications.

Like the early explorers that inspired Marco as a kid, he is driven by his curiosity, thirst for knowledge, his spirit for adventure, and a great love for the outdoors. In his free time, he’s happiest out and about in the mountains with his camera. He is also a technology enthusiast and enjoys creating story maps to tell stories through maps and photos.

How they can help

Contact Marco to talk about how geospatial data and technology can help your organisation work smarter.

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