Daisy-Bea Scrase

Graduate Transportation Planner

Daisy is a Graduate Transport Planner within the People Place and Planet team.

Daisy graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Human Geography in 2021. This diverse degree explored environmental trends and issues, climate change, resource consents, GIS, urban design, health and transport geography. During her time at university Daisy became increasingly interested in the role transport can have in climate action and sustainability. This interest paired with the ambition to create spaces which enable people to flourish lead her to a career in transport planning. Alongside her studies she worked at Abley on a casual basis on traffic surveys and data entry giving her an early introduction to the company.

Daisy is passionate about active and inclusive transport, tactical urbanism, place making and facilitating behaviour change. As a keen cyclist and environmentalist Daisy hopes to have a positive impact on society though her work at Abley.

When not working Daisy loves a challenge in the outdoors whether that be tramping, running, kayaking, climbing or cycling. She is a keen, active member of the Canterbury Rowing Club as a rower, captain and committee member. When not paddling backwards down a river Daisy enjoys experimenting in the kitchen or winning a fast paced game of articulate.

How they can help

Contact Daisy for all your sustainable transport needs. You'll find her in the People, Place and Planet team at Abley.

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