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Andy Bartle

Principal Spatial Adviser

Andy is a Principal Spatial Adviser in the Location Solutions team.

Andy works closely with clients to understand their problems and design useful solutions. He has a broad knowledge of spatial tools and techniques and is proficient with Esri systems, network analysis and Python automation. Andy combines his technical expertise with project management talent to deliver complex projects to high standards.

About Andy

Andy did his Masters in GIS at the University of London and completed undergraduate studies at Victoria University of Wellington (BSc Geology and Geography).

He started his career as a mineral geologist in Otago and the Coromandel collecting and analysing scientific information. This ignited his interest in spatial technology which enabled him to  analyse complex data and gain new insights.

In 2016, Andy moved to London and worked at Transport for London. He led the build of a web app to inform surface transport investment decision making. This tool is used by transport planners to undertake prioritisation and case-making work by offering a ‘fingerprint’ for any area, including movement through neighbourhoods by mode.

Andy started at Abley in 2019 after returning to New Zealand. He works closely with Ports of Auckland to deliver key projects. These include the ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment, to consolidate their GIS system and provide a platform for future capability, and the Carbon Calculator web application which uses a multi-modal network to estimate emissions of freight routing scenarios.

Andy loves projects that make New Zealand a better place to live and work. For him this means using location intelligence to drive business innovation, protect the environment and make cities and towns more liveable and safer for active travel.

How they can help

Contact Andy to talk about how location intelligence could help tackle the challenges facing your organisation.