Pink Shirt Day – Mental Health Foundation NZ

One of the benefits of remote working in Tauranga is the opportunity to work in a shared office in New Zealand’s largest co-working space that is dedicated to the success of not for profit, social enterprise and charitable organisations. Aligning with our own passion for our community and culture, Abley took the opportunity to support pink shirt day at the Kollective by funding the production of a Pink Shirt Day reusable tote bag that were sold to other members for $5 with 100% of the proceeds going to the Pink Shirt Day cause.

Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against bullying, after a peer was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In Aotearoa, Pink Shirt Day works to create schools, workplaces, communities and whānau where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.

Taking the opportunity to include cake, the Kollective Pink Shirt Day morning tea was a successful event to raise the profile and support a good cause that Abley was proud to be a part of.