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    Reza Khorasani

    Senior Transportation Engineer
    MSc BE

    Reza is a Senior Transportation Engineer at Safety Delivery Team.

    About Reza

    Reza works across a range of transportation areas at Abley but mostly in road safety and transportation planning.

    In the Safety Engineering team, Reza applies his skills and experiences in strategy development, speed management, road safety audits, risk assessment, and intervention design to help take New Zealand toward Vision Zero.

    Reza works as a Temporary Traffic Management Planner (TTMP) in Abley to ensure that all of our projects and activities on New Zealand road network from simple site visits through to major construction site visits are compliant with CoPTTM rules and in accordance with our Health and Safety policy.

    Reza also assists with land development projects from reviewing resource consent applications to assessment and land development planning and design.

    Reza is completing his PhD in transportation engineering at the University of Canterbury. He completed his Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) at the Semnan University in Iran and his Master of Science in Highways and Transportation at the University Putra Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    In late 2014, Reza moved to New Zealand to study at the Canterbury University. He started his research on analysing bus service reliability and how well macroscopic and microscopic simulation tools can model bus service to obtain a reliable and accurate result. Research is one of his interests and he has an in-depth understanding of traffic modelling philosophy, statistical models, and data analysis. Reza is skilled in using S-Paramics, Paramics Discover and SIDRA and always drawn to develop custom-designed transportation tools.

    Reza began his career in New Zealand as a transportation engineer at a consultancy in Christchurch. He was involved in a wide range of land development projects across New Zealand where he provided services for public and private sector clients. Some of his works were preparing integrated transport assessments, consent applications, safety audits and design. Simultaneously, Reza was a teaching assistant in the Civil and Natural Resource Engineering Department at the University of Canterbury.

    In 2018, Reza moved to Auckland and joined our team in Auckland office as a Senior Transportation Engineer. Reza has an in-depth knowledge of district plans and transportation planning which he applied in consent reviews for local councils. He is also skilled in design in land development and safety intervention.

    In late 2019, Reza decided to experience road safety projects and acquire knowledge in strategic road safety. He was involved in diverse projects like speed limit changes, curve delineation, safety intervention and Waka Kotahi’s speed management program. Reza is also our qualified Temporary Traffic Management Planner (TTMP) for activities where there is a need for a Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) to work within the road network. He also qualifies for Level Crossing Safety Impact Assessment (LCSIA) n projects where KIWIRAIL requires crash risk assessment at crossing.

    With his research background, Reza enjoys diving into the complex projects to find novel solutions to solve transportation problems. He enjoys working collaboratively and always seeks input from others.

    How they can help

    Contact Reza about any road safety or land development projects or if you need a TTM for your activities on the road network across New Zealand.

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